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The Tech: Apple And The Iphone Saga (First installment)

I honestly have no clue when it became a thing to accept mediocrity. We as people always want bigger, better, faster, cheaper or something to that effect when it comes to material things in life. But for some reason Apple has found a way to defy this and has become the exception the rule…

I say this because year after year, while all other cell phone and tech manufacturers are pushing for better devices, devices with faster processing power, bigger screens, better cameras, more features that you can integrate and make use of our daily lives, Apple is fine with producing lack luster devices, and the fanboys sit there, drink the Kool aid and go crazy. 

They accept any and every excuse that Apple gives, and go around repeating these lame excuses like they are scripture or gospel. It has been a while since I have seen apple come about with some innovation with respect to cellphones. As far as I can tell, they are constantly playing catch up and making excuses for it all in the interim. For example, when Samsung and other manufacturers started to increase the screen size of their devices, Apples stance on this was that it was not necessary and that no one really wanted/needed a device with a screen this large….Fast forward to 2014 and Oh! what do we have here…a 5.5 inch iPhone 6…The same goes for when android devices began implementing NFC….Apple in their infinite wisdom was of the opinion that this piece of tech would have no real world applications….Hmmm guess Apple figured out some real world application because I think I spotted NFC on the spec sheet for the iPhone 6.

I began writing this to give my view on the launch of this new device..not necessarily to bash Apple, but it is honestly hard to say anything good about Apple and this device based on the way that they are marketing it. 

They want to market it as a high end premium device with the best of the best when it isn’t and it doesn’t even have the looks that it had going for it anymore.

We as consumers need to stop accepting such mediocrity that we are receiving for our hard earned money. No one should have be shelling out $299-$499 for a “premium” device and receive such mediocrity. 

At this point Apple needs to step their game up and go back to the drawing board with the path that their have taken the iPhone in….

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